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Bushue HR, Inc. is "An Outsourced Risk Management Company focusing on Human Resources, Risk Management, Insurance, Background Screening, & Fingerprinting."

Human Resources, Risk Management, and Insurance are three of the largest costs to almost all organizations. These areas are also the most complex and present ever changing challenges for organizations to contend with. Our organization can assist with navigating through all of the complexities that many organizations face. Our services are of vital importance to all organizations. Whether a small to mid-sized start-up company without a functioning HR department or an established organization with an HR department needing an extra pair of hands, Bushue HR can provide the skills and expertise without the expense of a full-time employee.

Bushue HR, Inc. offers your organization the executive expertise and top-level services of a fully functioning HR department. We specialize in small to mid-sized businesses, school districts, municipalities, and community colleges.

Your organization may require the consulting services of Bushue HR when:

  • Specialized expertise is required but not available within your organization.
  • A level of objectivity is required which only a person from outside the organization can provide.
  • The complexities of employment laws and insurance coverages take focus away from core business strategies
  • The professionals within the organization lack the time to take on a new project or do work that they would normally do and must employ outside assistance (e.g. recruiting, training, developing HR policy manuals, job descriptions, implementing an employee handbook or revamping an existing one, and employee performance appraisal forms).

Success Stories

Worker’s Compensation

An agricultural client had an employee that claimed he was injured on the job. After our client notified us of the situation we immediately began an accident investigation. During the investigation we uncovered the employee had been injured outside of the workplace. The employee claimed that he had slipped and fallen in the workplace; however, there were no eyewitnesses to attest to this injury. The only thing the employees knew is from what the injured employee had told them. BushueHR had determined during the investigation the employee was involved in extra curricular activities outside of work and found substantial evidence to prove the employee had not been injured in the workplace, instead being injured during some extra curricular activities not related to work. We approached the employee about committing insurance fraud by trying to file a fraudulent claim and assisted the employer in properly denying the insurance payment for the claim and subsequently terminated the employment with the individual for falsification of records and misconduct.