Bushue HR, Inc.

Located in Effingham, Illinois



Our family history began in Montrose, IL, a small town with just over three hundred people in population. Growing up in a small town taught us about the principles of hard work, honesty, family, and entrepreneurship. In the early years we assisted our parents on many endeavors, which challenged our minds, developed skills in endurance, perseverance and at times was quite entertaining.

Throughout high school and college, we learned how to work by developing and managing a small restaurant in addition to developing several real estate properties. We worked nights, weekends, summers and school breaks to compliment our college education. We undoubtedly learned more from our business endeavors than a college education could ever teach. These were great learning opportunities that propelled us to successful future business opportunities.

In reflection, our entrepreneurial spirit was fostered at a very early age, one thing that truly stands out in our minds over the years is we were never discouraged from trying anything, however, we were always asked for a plan of action on how we were going to make a plan work and required to follow through allowing us to build toward a successful journey.

Our venture into human resource consulting began in 1990 following completion of Steve’s education at Eastern Illinois University when we were asked to develop an employee handbook for our first client. At the time, Steve was a human resource manager for a high quality commercial printing company.  After further developing human resource and management skills, he moved on to be Director of Human Resources at a soft-drink bottling and distribution company.  In February 1996, we ventured into what later becomes a successful human resource, risk management, and insurance consulting business, Bushue HR, Inc.

In May of 1999, Travis joined the staff of Bushue Human Resources, Inc. as a partner. He came to the company after graduating from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He brought with him extensive experience in recruitment for a major national telecommunications company and in sales for a major food service distributor.

We have enjoyed the opportunities to assist many clients in achieving their human resource, risk management, and insurance consulting needs.

Learning through hard work, family, small community values, education, and entrepreneurial passion has allowed us the opportunity to build many successful business ventures.